Seed Treatments

Soybean Treatments

Acceleron® NemaStrike™ Technology

NemaStrike™ Technology is a novel mode of action nematicide developed to control plant parasitic nematodes that affect crops including corn and soybeans. It is characterized by low water solubility and low mobility in the soil, providing up to 75 days of control. NemaStrike™ Technology provides broad spectrum control of plant parasitic nematodes that include, but are not limited to, soybean cyst, root knot, and reniform nematodes in soybeans and lesion, lance, needle, sting and stubby root nematodes in corn.


Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

Acceleron® improves early plant growth and vigor with a new exclusive plant health agent. Acceleron® includes an exclusive fungicide combination featuring pyraclostrobin and metalaxl which offer excellent control of major seed-borne and soil-borne diseases including Pythium, Fusarium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. Acceleron® utilized imidacloprid to reduce early season damage to soybeans caused by insect pests including aphids and bean leaf beetles.



ILeVO® protects the root system against infections caused by the Sudden Death Syndrome fungus and has activity against nematodes in the seed zone. ILeVO® gives soybean growers a new option to protect their crops from the fungus that causes soybean Sudden Death Syndrome and nematodes, specifically the Soybean Cyst Nematode – two of the top five yield-robbing pests in soybeans.



An inoculant for soybeans that supports your crop’s potential by enhancing nutritional availability. Optimize® gives you the benefits of a specially selected Bradyrhizobium Japonicum inoculant along the LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology. Benefits of using Optimize® include improved nodule formation, increased Nitrogen fixation and enhanced nutrient capability (which supports root and shoot growth).

Soybean Treatment: QuickRoots®

What is QuickRoots®?
Composed of live microorganisms that colonize the root system, creating an environment that is more favorable for nutrient availability.
Benefits of QuickRoots®
• Has shown to increase root mass
• Increased root mass allows plant to explore a greater volume of soil mass
• Creates more favorable environments for nutrient availability, especially phosphorus
• Comes pre-treated in the bag to your farm or is offered in a planter hopper-box treatment
• 18 month viability on the seed coat