Introducing SaluTec Seed Treatment from Jacobsen Seed!

Introducing SaluTec Seed Treatment from Jacobsen Seed!

At Jacobsen Seed, we are continually striving to bring the newest and most profitable products in genetics, traits, in-field and in-machine technology. This includes bringing Climate FieldView, and seed treatments to you, our loyal customers. This is why we are excited to announce the SaluTec Seed Treatment line from Jacobsen Seed. We have worked diligently to put together three seed treatments that bring industry leading protection and yield to each acre.
For the 2018-2019 season we will be offering SaluTec CT on all of our non RIB (Refuge in a Bag) corn products. This includes conventional, RR2, GT, GTCBLL, 3000GT, and 3111 Viptera corn. For soybeans we will be offering grower choice of treating soybeans with either SaluTec ST or SaluTec Xtra. These two options are different combinations of active ingredients for disease and pest management. It is important to talk with your Jacobsen Seed Representative about the issues that you fight within your operation to choose the correct option for your acres. We are thrilled to take this step forward with you and hope you are as excited as we are about these new offerings.

Our three new offerings are as follows:

SaluTec CT – . SaluTec CT brings three fungicides and one insecticide to defend your seed from yield robbing pests as soon as the seed is planted. Give your seed the strongest start possible with protection against Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium sp., Seedling Rots. Also fight early season insects such as seed corn maggot, wireworms, and white grubs.

SaluTec ST – SaluTec ST provides control of the four major early season diseases caused by Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia. The custom blend also brings early season insect protection with a full rate of seed applied insecticide.

SaluTec Xtra ­- SaluTec Xtra has been carefully selected for exceptional protection against yield robbing diseases, insects, and nematodes on your farm. This blend brings together three fungicides, one insecticide and one nematicide to the seed. Salutec Xtra achieves complete protection of early season above and below ground pests in your soybean field. It provides two modes of action and breakthrough protection against multiple strains of Pythium and Phytophthora. SaluTec Xtra also creates a living barrier around soybean roots. This repels and reduces Soybean Cyst Nematode numbers and impact.