Many Online Resources Available For Those Who Choose Dicamba Application

Many Online Resources Available For Those Who Choose Dicamba Application

Here at Jacobsen we offer many top yielding soybean varieties with the RR2 Xtend trait. These new soybean genetics allow for better agronomic placement along with the ability to spray dicamba in your soybeans. Planting the new class of RR2 Xtend beans allows you the FLEXIBILIY to utilize the Xtend Herbicide system if you choose.

Although all fields are candidates for the RR2X genetics, fields with the following characteristics should be the first to be considered for dicamba application;

-No-till fields requiring burndown

-Fields struggling with glyphosate tolerant marestail, waterhemp, plamer amaranth, or other tough to control broadleaves, or

-Fields where growers are looking to bring a new mode of action into soybeans to help reduce the risk of resistance.

Please note that the three approved dicamba formulations for application in soybeans will be restricted use pesticides and will require additional training. Work with your Jacobsen Seed Representative and the resources below, to determine if the Xtend Crop System is right for you. Once decided, we recommended taking a proactive approach by communicating with neighbors and crop protection suppliers to insure a good experience for everyone.

Online Resources

There are many online resources available for growers who are looking to use the three approved formulations of dicamba in their soybeans this season. Contact your local Jacobsen Seed Representative for more information on RR2X information. – A source for the latest information on the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend crop system including stewardship, education, testimonials, and information on Vaporgrip Technology. – List of approved tank-mix partners and nozzles for the Xtendimax applications.

1-844-RRXTEND (1-844-779-8363) – Call for product questions, inquiries, and/or to report nonperformance of the product – Visit for information on the Engenia crop system, stewardship, performance, and background on this new dicamba molecule. – List of approved tank-mix partners and nozzles for Engenia Applications. – Search ‘FeXapan’ for a complete list of resource materials.