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Track Hail with Climate FieldView

Spring is Time for Bad Weather Of all the diverse weather the Midwest experiences throughout the year, hail can be the most difficult to track. Its irregular nature can leave one field extensively damaged while its neighbor across the road shows barely a bruise. According to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 50% of hail storms occur from…

Managing Corn Harvest

By Nora Schultz, Sales Agronomist, CCA   Water Use Corn that is at ½ milk line requires about 2.25 inches of water (or 0.1-0.2 inches per day) to reach physiological maturity (black layer). Once corn reaches black layer it stops accumulating dry matter and does not require water. Corn Drydown According to Iowa State University…

SDS Recently Spotted in Central Iowa

Soybean sudden death syndrome or SDS is a fungal disease that has increasingly become a focus point for soybean producers.