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Wet weather’s effect on weeds and herbicides

This season’s exceptional weather is putting many of the systems we use in crop production to the test. A major one being herbicides and weed control. Here are some quick answers to the most common weed and herbicide questions. Contact your local Jacobsen Seed Representative for more information.  Remember to always read and follow herbicide…

Understand the Correct Timing Window for Your Herbicide Program for Best Control

Application of postemergence herbicides is an important weed management tool in both corn and soybeans. Making sure to correctly time this application can easily make or break your weed control program. Here are some reminders to help make the correct decisions about herbicide application. Remember to always read and follow the label for a given…

Jacobsen Seed’s Position on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans

The Jacobsen Seed Team is dedicated to helping you grow the healthiest and most profitable crop that you can. That is why we careful screen our seed, treatment, and technology offerings to offer the best performing products for our sales territory. A strong example of seed and technology coming together is the Roundup Ready 2…

Many Online Resources Available For Those Who Choose Dicamba Application

Here at Jacobsen we offer many top yielding soybean varieties with the RR2 Xtend trait. These new soybean genetics allow for better agronomic placement along with the ability to spray dicamba in your soybeans. Planting the new class of RR2 Xtend beans allows you the FLEXIBILIY to utilize the Xtend Herbicide system if you choose….

Herbicide Notification Signs Available

Changes in Herbicide Traits Here at Jacobsen our dedication is your success. That means we are with you from planting to harvest, and everything in between. One of the most important items that lands “in between” is herbicide applications to your crop. There are a wide variety of herbicide tolerant traits in the fields around…

Achieve Full Yield Potential And Weed Control With Liberty Link Technology

By Nora Schultz, Sales Agronomist, CCA For those growers with glyphosate resistance and are looking for a broad spectrum replacement, look no further than Liberty herbicide. Liberty (glufosinate) is the only non-selective herbicide with no known resistance. he trait can be found in U.S. crops such as soybeans, corn, cotton and canola. Liberty has a…

Palmer Amaranth: Watch for this New Threat in the Field.

Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) is a aggressive member of the pigweed family that is native to the southwestern United States. Its spread northward has been increasingly monitored, but 2016 saw a large surge in northern populations.

Increase Your Crops Competitive Advantage Against Weeds

Take the time to examine your herbicide program and explore if there are any ways to increase your crops competitive advantage against weeds.