Seed Conditioning & Handling Addition Completed

Jacobsen Seed recently completed an addition that houses a new, state-of-the-art seed conditioning and packaging plant. The expansion project takes our seed quality to the highest level in the industry.

Increased demand for Jacobsen’s corn hybrids and soybean varieties has driven our recent growth, while the company’s product knowledge, performance and service have supported this expansion. Jacobsen’s investment in this new equipment puts us in a position to better serve you, our customers, by optimizing both corn and soybean seed quality, while further improving operational efficiency and volume.

Technology in seed conditioning equipment has proven to make a difference when it comes to overall seed quality and results. Dave Nelson, CEO of Jacobsen Seed, says, “When tested, yields from the same variety of corn can vary greatly, showing as much as a 10-15+ bushel difference between types of handling systems. One reason for this is that seed can get damaged by stressed conditioning equipment, causing micro fractures that negatively affect seed quality.

While Mother Nature and production quality also play a part when it comes to overall yield potential, we are working to eliminate one of the key variables by using advanced technologies that enable us to provide the highest quality of seed possible.”

Don’t worry – seed prices won’t be affected by the addition of these services! Retail pricing is determined by the commodity markets, inflation and other variables. We see this as an investment in technologies that will generate high efficiency, high volume and high-quality products. We are also working on getting the new plant USDA organic certified.

“We are continually striving to offer the very best products in the industry,” says Nelson. “For us to continue to be a leader and stay out front, we have to continue adopting new technologies. Seed conditioning is partially an art, even with the best equipment available, but we feel confident about what our team can achieve with this new service offering.”

Nelson says Jacobsen will continue to place a strong focus on their core retail business, which is centered around growing their existing high performing products, but emphasizes the importance of evolving the company to respond to customer demand. “As we continue to grow, it’s important that we have the infrastructure in place to serve our farmers with the best in quality seed, performance and customer service,” Nelson said.

Construction on the new facility is expected to be completed very soon!