Mariner IV

  • Branch root system and excels in both wet and well drained soils, resist heaving and mechanical injury. Excellent disease and insect resistance and high resistance to the major nematode species. High yield and forage quality and very fast recovery. Fall dormancy of 4 and higher persistence. A very premium alfalfa for yield and forage quality.

Big Horn Blend

  • Great disease package, fast recovery, excellent yield and forage quality excellent stand persistence, fall dormancy 4. Big Horn is a great choice for the lower price and still getting great performance.


  • Aphanomyces Race 2 resistance, branch root type. Adapts to variable soil conditions stands up to wheel traffic pressure. High yield and quality potential, excellent winter hardiness and persistence. Resists heaving and mechanical injury, very good winter survival, fall dormancy of 4. Fast recovery and a very high quality alfalfa.