Seed Treatments

Soybean Treatments


ILeVO® protects the root system against infections caused by the Sudden Death Syndrome fungus and has activity against nematodes in the seed zone. ILeVO® gives soybean growers a new option to protect their crops from the fungus that causes soybean Sudden Death Syndrome and nematodes, specifically the Soybean Cyst Nematode – two of the top five yield-robbing pests in soybeans.

Vault® HP

Vault® HP is a multi-component, yield-enhancing biological seed treatment system for soybeans. The robust rhizobial inoculant improves root nodulation for more nitrogen-fixation potential, improved root architecture and nutrient uptake resulting in greater plant vigor, stress reduction, and optimized yield potential to support grower’s business and production sustainability.



Applied to all treated soybeans, B-200 is a plant derived product to attract and stimulate soil microbes. This leads to enhanced nodulation, nitrogen fixation, nutrient uptake and yield.

Obvius Plus

Obvius Plus. Relenya, and Poncho/Votivo come together to provide your soybeans the highest protection possible. This elite mix of products includes five fungicides, insecticide, and nematicide to defend seedlings from yield robbing pest. This includes multiple modes of action against Phytophthora, Pyhthium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. It also includes protection against early insects such as seed corn maggots, bean leaf beetles, and delivers a living barrier to safeguard against 1 st and 2 nd generation nematodes.


Harness the power of three fungicides plus an insecticide with F/I. It has been carefully selected for protection against yield robbing diseases on your farm. F/I provides control of the four major early season diseases and also brings early season insect protection with a full rate of seed applied insecticide.