We're Rooted In Community

For four generations, we have had our feet firmly planted in your backyard, working as your partner in the field to provide custom solutions, personalized service and the best seed choices available. We take great pride in partnering with regional growers on a local level. Our commitment to people, innovation, performance and integrity are at the root of who we are.

Backed by a history of success with a team focused on your farm’s future, Jacobsen Seed continues to bring the Healthy Hybrid Advantage to farmers, one field at at time. We have always understood that plant health increases productivity. Without Healthy Hybrids and varieties, genetic potential cannot be fully realized. Our products are consistently selected not only for their yields, but also their outstanding health scores when facing the threat of disease or extreme weather. Customers maximize their investment in seed when selecting our high quality hybrids featuring the finest genetics and best traits or conventional varieties available.

With first-hand product knowledge and breeding expertise, our team is able to match the best performing hybrids and varieties to your specific field conditions. Our grounded agromonic approach helps you integrate a healthy, holistic crop strategy that boosts product performance and profits. We also take our understanding of your farm to a deeper level with exclusive area testing technology utilizing the Climate FieldView™ Digital Farming platform. With an acre-by-acre analysis of every field, we’re able to gain unique insights and make data-driven decisions at every turn to help your operation optimize crop production.

As a company, Jacobsen has a tradition of providing a higher level of personalized service and support. We are committed to offering our product expertise and hands-on service to every customer who puts their trust in us. We also customize deliveries and offer custom packaging at no extra charge to accommodate your operation’s unique needs.

For over 80 years, Jacobsen has worked hard at creating advantages for farmers and our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We are continually focused on forming true partnerships with growers that produce superior results. Our dedication is your success.