Jacobsen’s Quick Reference Guide

Jacobsen’s Quick Reference Guide

Farming is a delicate balance of many different disciplines. Farmers are sometime biologists, chemists, climatologists, or mathematicians while getting a crop from seed to harvest. It can be tough to remember all of the different equations and charts for multiple crops. To help our customers manage this, we developed the Jacobsen Quick Reference Guide. This 4 page document includes important dates, equations, and conversions for Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, and general knowledge. Book mark this page for easy access on your computer or mobile device or print a copy to keep in tractors or combines. Topics include


  • Spacing and population information
  • Planting date and yield impacts
  • Corn stages
  • Frost damage information
  • Drydown calculations
  • Estimating corn yield and harvest loss


  • Estimating plant stands
  • planting date and yield impacts
  • Impacts of reduced stands or damaged plants
  • Soybean growth stages


  • Stem count evaluations
  • Autotoxicity information


  • 1/1000th of an acre calculations
  • GDU calculation
  • Nutrient removal rates
  • Nutrient content of common products


Jacobsen Quick Reference -HiRes

Jacobsen Quick Reference – EZ Print