Track Hail with Climate FieldView

Track Hail with Climate FieldView

Spring is Time for Bad Weather

Of all the diverse weather the Midwest experiences throughout the year, hail can be the most difficult to track. Its irregular nature can leave one field extensively damaged while its neighbor across the road shows barely a bruise. According to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 50% of hail storms occur from March through May but grower’s largest yield losses result from the 1/3 of hail storms that take place from June to September. This time frame means scouting entire fields for damage can be tough as our crops mature and get larger.

Tracking Damage

It is important to document and manage each incidence of hail damage to a crop. This is key each season to maximize the bushels on every acre. One of the best tools to help you manage and track hail damage on each of your fields is Climate FieldView prime. This free platform is the first of three Climate FieldView offerings. There is no limit on acres you can subscribe. Every operation can have access to basic data layers such as soil maps, the ability to have GPS base scouting points with notes and pictures, and field-level weather. This field level weather will give you daily email updates on midnight to midnight rainfall totals.

In addition, you will receive field by field notifications for hail events through the Climate FieldView App. These notifications are triggered where radar indicated hail was present. It allows you to focus your time and energy scouting deeper in fields rather than checking a little bit of every field. Once damage is found, use the scouting field pin tool to document with pictures and GPS coordinates. You can share there with trusted advisers and/or insurance representatives to most accurately manage the damage and track in throughout the season.

Climate FieldView has a high level of accuracy and we ourselves use in on all of our plot fields. The picture inset is from our actual account and was used to scout for damage after the storms on 5/16/2017. Talk with your Jacobsen representative about getting signed up with this free service!