Use Climate FieldView Prime to Bring Weather, Scouting and Basic Data into One Place

Use Climate FieldView Prime to Bring Weather, Scouting and Basic Data into One Place

By Nora Schultz, Sales Agronomist, CCA

How do you manage things like rainfall and scouting on your farm? What about data management? Or that pesky weather event known as hail? All growers wrestle with how to best manage these areas but our partnership with Climate FieldView allows us to help bring all of this information to one place. Climate FieldView Prime is the FREE, unlimited subscription service that gathers all of this data into one simple website and app format that is at your fingertips at all times. Climate FIeldView Prime manages basic data layers, field level weather, and scouting. It also allows you to share certain fields or your whole operation with trusted advisors to keep everyone connected. This focused approach helps make your operation more profitable.

Climate FieldView Prime brings important data right to your fingertips!

Basic Data Layers

Your Prime account allows you to upload basic data layers such as planting and harvest maps. This gives you the ability to see what hybrid or variety you are looking at right on your phone or tablet while in the field. It also gives you the ability to see Soil Survey maps on every field at the click of a button.

Field-Level Weather

Get daily radar indicated rain totals for every farm. Additionally receive cumulative rainfall totals for the season plus high and low temps. All of these can be compared to 5, 15, or 30 year averages. Your Prime account also gives you notifications for radar indicated hail on each farm.


Scout your fields with access to the above data layers, weather conditions, and the ability to place GPS located pins through the Climate FieldView App. Scouting pins can be permanent or seasonal. They can also be tied to a photograph and up to 4000 characters of field notes. These pins can be used to go back and check on areas with prior issues or for something as simple as locating that rock you saw this spring.

Growers that create a Climate FieldView Prime account and share it back to their Jacobsen Seed Representative by Friday, August 1st will be entered into a drawing for Jacobsen prizes!